Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar which came into existence to cater to the educational needs of the marginalized sections of the society of the Shehr-i-Khass, has stood the test of time for over 74 years.Very well known as ‘Gandhi College’, it has lived up to its vision of being a “Centre for Knowledge to all the sectiions of society”. This is evident from the long list of its alumni, who have made a mark in society in the capacity of statesmen, politicians, prominent writers, scientists, social reformers, teachers, researchers, and as responsible members of the civil society.

Luxury of higher education was available in Kashmir only for a few and it was in this context that visionaries from civil society of Srinagar belonging to Kashmiri Pandit Community like Pandit Shive Narayan Fotedar, Pandit BalaKak Dhar, Pandit Jia Lal Kilam, Pandit Amarnath Kak, Pandit Janardhan Teng, Pandit SonaKoul Madan, Pandit Tara Chand Trisal, Pandit Ram Chand Pandita, Pandit Avatar Krishen and Pandit Prem Nath Kanav started “Hindu College” and all the streams were introduced in 1943. Later, after the independence, the college was renamed in memory of “the father of the nation” Mahatma Gandhi as Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar. It is striking to note here that from its very inception, this Institution has been “open to all the classes of the society without any distinction of caste, creed or religion”- a dictum that holds good even today.