Our Profile

Established in 1943, Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar an educational institution of historical repute is responsible in a major way for the dissemination of undergraduate education “an important area in the field of higher education” in the Kashmir Valley in particular and the State in general. The College has worked tirelessly for maintaining of proper standards, ensuring optimum utilization of facilities, promoting innovation and change, linking education to emerging career patterns, equalization of educational opportunities for the weaker sections of the society, particularly the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and those belonging to the educationally backward areas. The focus is to support the teaching-learning process by upgrading basic infrastructure like library, laboratory, connectivity etc.

The developmental needs of the college have carefully been identified so that the resources are mainly utilized for such programmes which can make an appreciable impact on the improvement of standards through modernization and rationalization as well as the diversification of undergraduate courses in Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Commerce etc especially to relate them to career opportunities. Sufficient opportunities are being made available to the students to choose the course best suited to their interest and capability.

Located in the hub of the downtown city of Srinagar and surrounded on the western side by the Shrine of Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) popularly known as Shah-e-Hamadan and on the eastern side by the Temple of Mangleshwer situated in the Brari-nambal, thereby symbolizing the pluralistic culture of our society and providing a very congenial and tranquil atmosphere for academic pursuits.

The College is a Grant-in Aid institution financed by the state government on cent percent basis both on plan and non-plan account. The Administrative & Financial control lies completely with the government. The services of the employees of the college are governed by the Jammu & Kashmir Civil Service Rules (JKCSR).