Guidelines for Booking of College Auditorium

Dated : 07/03/2021

         *Guidelines for Booking of College Auditorium*

(i)   General Rules :

1.        The Auditorium will primarily be booked only for Academic activities such as Lectures, Seminar, Conference, Education Programs, Symposium, workshops, etc. or activities related to higher education. Priority for booking of the auditorium will be for Higher education’s activities.

2.        The college will not allow Auditorium to be booked for any political , Religious activities, general body meetings, holding of elections of office bearers of societies, convocations, Birth Day / Foundation Day event of any organization/society, etc.

3.        There are 210 seats in the Auditorium. A few seats in the first row of the auditorium are reserved exclusively for the senior officials/observer(s) of the Organising agency or for the specially abled  persons/audience.

4.        The auditorium will be initially booked only for a single day event during the normal office hours from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. which can be extended subject to the approval from the college administration.

5.        The auditorium should be vacated within an hour after the completion of event. This is not applicable for College or Higher education activities.

6.        All reservations will be made on prescribed form only. Verbal/telephonic reservations will not be entertained. College reserves the rights to refuse/cancel booking of the auditorium or to revise the auditorium booking charges at any time without assigning any reason thereof.

7.        The damage, if any, made to the Auditorium fittings, fixtures, etc., during the course of the event, the organizer will be wholly and solly responsible to compensate for such loss by making payment through DD or from the security deposit as may be decided by the College administration.

8.        Posters/Banners/Stickers of publicity will be allowed only at designated places. specified in the auditorium.

9.        It will be mandatory for the organizing agency to give prior intimation to the concerned police station for organizing events in the college auditorium.

10.     No vehicle will be allowed for parking inside the compound or just opposite the main entrance except at the authorized parking space, available.

11.     No extra lights or mikes or audio-video equipments will be installed by the organiser without prior permission. Any other facility to be used other than provided will require prior permission from the auditorium in-charge.

12.     Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises of the college. The organiser booking the premises shall ensure that the rule is not violated. In case of violation, the security deposit will be forfeited and legal action will be also taken.

13.     No firework will be allowed within the premises of the auditorium.

14.     For any mis-happening/incident/medical emergencies during the program, the responsibility will be that of the organizer.

1.        Organizers are advised to take care of conference material/technical equipments/personal belongings, as College is not responsible for their safety.

2.        In view of the prevailing security environment during the event, organizers of the program are to nominate designated representatives for indentifying delegates and guests to ensure that only invited persons are allowed to attend the program.

3.        In case the organiser is unable to use the booking venues due to any mechanical/electricity failure or any eventuality, College will not be liable for any loss suffered by the booking organization.

4.        Organisers are requested to avoid making noise inside & outside the event venues and strictly adhere to the time slot for which bookings have been made.

5.        Organisers are requested to avoid overcrowding in the hall and premises.

6.        Only limited external furniture is permitted into the Auditorium with prior approval and the College will not be held responsible for losses/damages to the furniture’s/fixtures etc. other than belonging to the college. Besides, the furniture inside the Auditorium should not be shifted to any other place.

7.        while taking over and handing over the venue, the organizers have to sign the occupation and vacation reports available with the Colleges administration,

8.        Principal of the College may grant exemption from the operation of any of the rules in exceptional cases on merit.

(i)     Tariff Rules :

1.      All booking reservations for the auditorium will be made on the prescribed form (enclosed) only. Verbal/ telephonic reservations will not be permissible.

2.      Only after approval from College Principal/authority, full booking charges along with the security money must be deposited as per guidelines within a weeks time failing which booking will be cancelled.

3.      Booking amount for the auditorium will be as under:

Rs.10,000/- per day for a single day event.

Rs.17,500/- for two days event.

Rs.25,000/- for three days event.

 Besides booking amount, Security deposit (refundable) amounting to Rs.20,000/- in the shape of CDR pledged to Principal Gandhi Memorial College , Srinagar.

4.      Notice for preponement/postponement/cancellation of an event should reach the College at least seven days prior to the date of function (excluding the date of function) in writing, failing which booking amount as mentioned below will be forfeited.


Cancellation    pre/post-ponement


7 days or more before the function                       5 %                         Nil

Less than 7 days before the function                    100%                      10%    



(i)                 Catering :


1.        Catering services can be hired from any panel of caterers/agency as approved by College.

2.        Lunch or any other refreshment, eatables etc. will not be permitted inside the auditorium.

3.        Organisers are required to ensure that catering facilities are strictly followed and to keep the premises clean after the event is over. Appropriate action will be taken in case of any deviation or violation.


(ii)               Booking Form :


Booking Form  attached.


* As per Recommendations of the Auditorium Committee on Framing Guidelines for the use of Auditorium and approved by the Head of the College.




Application Form for Booking of College Auditorium

 Booking Form

1.        Name of Member/Organization                                                                                          



2.        Communication Address                                                                                                    





3.        Contact Telephone No.                    Mobile No.                           Fax No.                        


4.        Date  on which Auditorium required                                                                                 


5.        Timing                                                 FROM                             TO                                  


6.        Purpose for which required                                                                                                 




7.        Number of Person expected                                                                                               


8.        Name of Chief Guest (if any)                                                                                                 




9.        Is the event being organized in collaboration or                                                                         Funding with some outside agency.                                                                                                                  (like Society/Association/Charitable Institutions/           or any other professional body) ?                 


10.     Is the function/event/Workshop/Symposium                                                                              approved by concerned authority?


11.     Brochure / website address of the event, if available                                                              


12.     Have you read the Guidelines/Terms & Conditions?                           Yes / No 


I/We have read and understood the guidelines for booking of the venues and catering, and undertake to fully comply with these guidelines. In case of non-compliance, the booking will be cancelled & security money will be forfeited.


Yours faithfully